Al-Bari Group Of Companies


About Us

Founded in the year 2017 by Syed Asim Raza, we represent a prestigious clientele offering a broad spectrum of services. Since its conception, Al-Bari Group of Companies has successfully become a preeminent player within Pakistan’s real estate and construction market.

A leading organisation company established in 2018. Impeccable dedication to fostering innovation, with a portfolio that includes some of Pakistan’s iconic large scale projects. Speccomp’s well-earned recognition is a testament to our commitment in making a difference for our community, clients and employees.

BizVenture Marketing merges technology and imagination in creatively captivating ways. Our agency maintains an open dialogue with customers, producing impressive results distinguishing its reputation in one of the world’s most challenging — and competitive — real estate markets. 

Green Earth is a full-servicing real estate agency that wants to reform and improve the way the industry operates. We are committed to present our customers with an extensive range of properties, with an unmatched sales force. Our business model equips agents to navigate the bridge between buyers from all across Pakistan.

"Al-Bari’s customer-centric philosophy is an integral part of our business. Our aim is to create unrivalled living experiences in Pakistan".

Syed Asim Raza – Chairman & Founder.