Our Vision is clear!We want to introduce new Projects for the welfare of Pakistan and People. In no time we are successful in offering our customers with greater innovations,reaching more markets that works for the benefits of our clients. Our mega projects, The Aquatic Mall and The Aquatic City reflects our vision of Clean and Green environment for everyone.

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Syed Asim Raza

Chairman Message

The business world is full of Endless challenges for success. We want to be a part of team that leaves a legacy due to which it is remembered for years. At, Al-Bari Group of Companies, I am proud to be a part of an excellent team that is striving hard to reach the success.

Our basic aim is to support the ever growing demands of our stakeholders, providing them with Return On Investment. We endeavor to be the most competitive companies in industry when it comes to reliability for customers. Our Sister companies, BizVenture Marketing and Green Earth, are providing customers with the best ever services. Guided by our glorious past, we are fully geared towards the future and have the capacity to withstand the winds of change.

Our Mega Projects, The Aquatic Mall and The Aquatic City are in progress. Based on unique theme, these projects will mainly focus on providing people with the best ever facilities in best location. The company is looking forward to growth in volume of its investors. I like to extend my gratitude to our previous clients who are benefited from using our company services. I welcome new customers seeking to invest in Real Estate within Pakistan.

We offer top-notch valuation services to clients on the coast for undertaking construction work in Pakistan. It is my desire that you find Al-Bari Group of Companies as a Real Estate partner, and it assists you in realizing your dream of investment. Welcome to Al-Bari Group of Companies”.

Syed Asim Raza

Founder & Chairman, Al-Bari Group of Companies

Al-Bari being the Parent Company

BizVenture Marketing

BizVenture is a Marketing agency providing 360° Digital Services to our Customers. Our main goal is to provide an integrated marketing and communication experience where desired messages reach the target audiences through numerous channels.

BizVenture Marketing offers a dynamic group of services including Android App Designing, Mobile Marketing, Video Advertisement, Electronic Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Print Media marketing & email Marketing.

Green Earth

Green earth is a Real Estate agency reforming the industry by providing best services to the clients. We have a trained advisory team helping the customers to get the best property. Green Earth constantly updates customers on the progress of their project till the task is finalized and completed. The Company acts a Bridge between the Buyer & Seller dealing with clients from all over Pakistan.


The Al-Bari Group of Companies feels honored for launching the extravagant projects with unique theme, “The Aquatic Mall” and “The Aquatic City”.

The Aquatic Mall

The Aquatic Mall is Pakistan’s First under Water Themed Mall designed with perfection and care. The mall not only features the largest Aquarium but also fun filled scuba diving and Snorkel. The Mall is Future landmark of Islamabad- Where shopping meets entertainment.


The Aquatic City

This is our Eco-friendly project in the best location of Islamabad which will provide peaceful and hygienic environment with loads of greenery. This is a pure “Go Green” housing society having water-park and resorts, Gym, Schooling and Health care facility.  This Green City mission of Al-Bari Group of companies is designed with the sole purpose of providing people with green environment and endless opportunities.