CCECC (China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation) a leading catalyst construction company in China expanded on their experience working alongside Pakistan over several construction projects. 

In an interview conducted on Tuesday — Deputy General Manager of Asia Pacific Division, Dong Zhihong said that the geographical and cultural elements of the two countries are unique. Since Pakistan’s landscape is engulfed by mountainous areas, CCECC worked out measures to adapt with the local conditions during the construction period. 

Technologies such as blasting, protection, tunneling, and protection of high slope were applied to improve and enhance the construction project site, said Dong. He further expanded that last August CCECC signed a construction contract to modify and upgrade Allama Iqbal International’s main runway alongside Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. 

After a meeting held last November, CCECC employees worked day and night on the construction site, running on two shifts a day to ensure timely completion. According to Dong, the ratio of Chinese and Pakistani employees is 1:5 to 1:10, providing locals with a ton of employment opportunities

As CCECC leads in rail transportation as well as water supply, they are seeking the best investment opportunities in Pakistan in regards to highways, power plants, and much more. Its Pakistani branch was established in 2015 and since then they strive to strengthen the foundation that is CPEC. 

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