The  Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has given clearance to the RRR ( Rawalpindi Ring Road ) project, said retired Capt Mohammad Mahmood, the commissioner. A meeting was held at the commissioner’s office on Sunday.

After the meeting, the commissioner said the Ring Road project follows all the recommendations and policies regarding environmental protection. Which will play a vital role in addressing the air pollution issues of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, 300,000 saplings will be planted along the Ring road, he added

As there is a water shortage in the city so a bridge would be constructed at the airport interchange to save the water reservoir present in the surrounding areas. This project has been made eco friendly. Retired Capt. Mahmood said regarding the design layout of the Motorway Interchange. Which has been re-examined by the Nespak experts in order to protect the shrine, cemetery and natural spring located in the vicinity 

As the government needs to assess the traffic flow of the city, a new integrated traffic system is needed on the ring road. In addition, a project will be initiated under a public and private partnership. The payment method for the toll collection on the ring road will be per kilometre similar to the motorway. Moreover, he said various proposals are under consideration  regarding integrated traffic system and their cost is being evaluated

A meeting would be held with the Minister of Industry and Chamber of Commerce to establish the commercial zones on the Ring Road. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry are consulted in this aspect and proposals can be finalized.

Nazia Parveen Sudhan, Director Finance and Planning, Amara Khan Director General Rawalpindi Development Authority, officials of Nespak and other relevant departments were the participants of the meeting.

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