most profitable real estate investment

Islamabad Zones and Most Profitable Real Estate Investment

most profitable real estate investment

Islamabad’s housing market moved higher than ever in the early 50% of 2017. In this equivalent time, different new activities were additionally presented all through Islamabad. A ton of high rises and buildings were likewise presented in the city, quickly changing the extent of the city’s housing market. Be that as it may, since the most recent few months, housing markets all through the nation have been somewhat sluggish, showing almost no movement from financial backers, though certifiable purchasers in the greater part of these spaces have stayed flawless. Similar patterns can likewise be seen in Islamabad’s land too. As the capital is separated into five zones, this blog likewise embraces a zonal way to deal with see how the market is orchestrated to make straightforward examples.


This space of Islamabad is one of the most seasoned, and most created regions from Sector B to sector I. A large portion of these areas are thickly populated, while different new activities in areas like E are in progress. As per Manufacturers, F-11 is one area where certifiable purchasers have consistently remained exceptionally unblemished. While the majority of the financial backers aren’t as keen on contributing any longer, he added that veritable purchasers stay unblemished on the lookout. The favored plot and house size for the vast majority, he has noticed, is 10-marla, as it is cost serious. 

While remarking on the general possibilities of Zone 1, manufacturers added that Capital Development Authority is in control and that advancement is in progress. Nonetheless, added that it will require around 2-3 months for the whole region to draw in a considerably bigger number of financial backers after it is completely evolved.


This Zone offers the most external development in terms of the New Islamabad International Airport, which is by far the biggest road and public transportation network in the city at this point in time.

According to another manufacturer of Islamabad, projects like Top City and Mumtaz City have appeared as the most prominent in this area. This is mainly because of the increase in public transportation facilities and greater accessibility to the residents. He is of the view that the provision of these facilities has made these societies develop with importance, and become the most sought out options. The connection with Peshawar Morr, Kashmir Highway, and the new road network of Islamabad International Airport add to the appeal. Various Metro Bus stations are also to be established here, making it another stimulating addition. This has greatly added to Zone 2’s value. Manufacturers are of the view that prices will soon increase, and once they go up, there’s no coming back for them.


This is the green zone of Islamabad. Green belts go through this and no construction what so ever is permissible here. The climate and pleasant weather conditions in Islamabad are mainly because of this zone. It is green and unpolluted because of the presence of trees. It is a planned zone and gives out pleasant vibes. 


This zone is primarily known for the Bahria Enclave. Predictions for this seem quite bright because of the rapid pace of development here. According to sources, roads in this zone have already been carpeted, and soon the entire area will be bustling with activity. He added that various new offices are also being situated here.

Many Builders and manufacturers have observed increased trading activity and it is expected that it will only go up from here. They ascribed this to the introduction of new taxes, which have been a welcome move, and also to the scope of development in this area. The change in trading, he estimated, has been around 20-25% since the last two months, further predicting it to peak in a time of 3-4 months. However, they added that the unimportant variables at play would have to be controlled first, if the real estate market is to grow.

Zone 5

This zone primarily includes Gulberg and its numerous other projects. The builders and manufacturers observed that development is in full swing in this zone, and CDA is promising long hours to ensure that the zone is developed promptly. Further adding that here, both genuine buyers and investors are interested, and because of this increased activity, CDA is going an extra mile to cover all bases. most profitable real estate investment 

People expect this to become the most investment-friendly area in no time.

This was a zonal analysis on Islamabad to help readers, investors, and genuine buyers understand how Islamabad is doing and what to expect. Happy Investments!

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most profitable real estate investment

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