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Pakistan’s 1st Purpose Built 5 Star Hotel

5 Star Hotel

First and foremost, we have an ongoing grand project of the multi-story and extremely luxurious 5 Star Hotel, one of which 4 stories are complete and include 250 suites, which are on sale and offering great returns on investment too! 

250 Suites for sale, constructed on 569 square feet (Single unit) and 284 square feet (Shared unit)

The biggest 5 Star Hotel being built in Islamabad, Located in the Bahria Intellectual Village, Spring North, Shaheen Chowk, Phase 7, Bahria town Islamabad Punjab, is being constructed on a total area of 131.6 Kanal / 16.45 acres and is perceived as a place which stimulates positive energy and peaceful living. The hotel shall be depicting various cultural cuisines, attractive architecture, and a place that is being developed on land that shows beautiful landscapes of the potohar plains, the Soan River and Bahria town Islamabad. The hotel welcomes you with all its warmth and charm, come and live in a secure, peace-radiating environment with your friends and family.

The major development components of this grand project is not just a 5 Star Hotel but along with it, a themed retail mall, offices, exclusive residential apartments, an exciting and diverse food street, and an elite fun hub!

The initial grey structure with its 4 floors are complete and the plan has been made keeping in view the customer’s journey and comfort. The hotel is being constructed on the hilltop for a breathtaking view and all the services and facilities are being provided at excellent quality and everything is being custom-designed and purposefully built.

250 guest rooms on long-term extendable lease are now up for sale, selling can be done on sharing but not with more than two people.

This hotel is purposefully being made and is knitted together on a theme of diversity and how all cultures can mix up and create a beautiful, appealing, and luxurious place to have your stay at! Not only does the hotel have amazing architecture but along with it a place for food and shopping. It offers different cuisines from around the world adding up to the diversity of the hotel, made by well learned and top quality chefs, shopping here would give you a sense of excitement and therapy at the same time. Budget-friendly and a place where you can go out with your friends and family, you name it, all national and international brands are at your service to fulfill all your basic necessities of every day and otherwise.

There is a luxury in every detail of the hotel’s architecture and is redefined and made comfortable as well. Enjoy your stay and get all the facilities on the go, under one roof!

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