Looking forward to revamping your house flooring? Or confused about the type of flooring you will require?

Having a picture-perfect home is everybody’s desire. Homeowners spend a long period of time in search of finding ideal things for their homes. When it comes to floors most of the people are very particular about what they actually want. If the natural look and warmth of wooden floors fascinate you then we have got you covered.

Wooden floors uplift the aesthetics of your living space. Let’s set our balance scale and weigh the pros and cons of wooden flooring.


Adds value to the property

Wooden floors are a statement in itself, they provide an ultra-stylish feel with a classic touch. Hence, proactive homeowners know that the material and quality that are used in building a home determine its value and cost. Therefore, if you’re looking to enhance the value, it’s a wise idea to invest in wooden floors.

Variety of wood

There are many types of wood materials that can be used for wooden flooring. A whole range and choices are available from which you can easily find the right building materials that match your budget. Dark or light shades and hybrid all can be used for desired wooden flooring. 

Here are some good options to pick from:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Cypress tree
  • Pine
  • Hickory

The above list of wooden materials may differ in colour, installation ease and sensitivity.

Is wooden flooring low maintenance?

Maintenance and cleaning of the wooden floors are relatively easier than other types of flooring. All you need to do is vacuum, mop and keep it dry. Fun fact, wood is non-electromagnetic in nature, so they do not attract debris and dirt.

This type of flooring is suitable for pet owners because wooden floors rarely get mouldy or stinky.

Long term investment

Wooden floors may seem like a considerable investment in the beginning, but if you maintain them properly they can last over a number of years. Unlike other floors, they do not need to be replaced after 10-20 years. Minor faults and imperfections can be fixed with sanding and refinishing. 

Another benefit is the low repair cost. The broken planks are very easy to replace. Less effort is required to change them.



Wooden floors can be noisy when stepped on, and wide steps can create squeaky noises. So forget about sneaking out. The older the flooring is noisier it will be. It can be a nuisance for your neighbours that live in your apartment complex. The major con for a homeowner is definitely the noise pollution that comes with having wooden flooring. Although, placing a rug or carpet to muffle the noise is not such a bad idea after all. However, it will bring warmth to the overall ambience.

Unfriendly nature

Wooden floors are very smooth, therefore they tend to be on the slippier side. This makes them a little unfriendly for children. The presence of gaps between the planks can be the reason behind the accumulation of dust that can be hard to clean. Additionally, wooden floors have a tendency to swell in humidity and shink in drought.

Heavy on pocket

The high cost is the major disadvantage of wooden floors. The wood cost can run up to PKR 585 to PKR 680 per square feet. The flooring must be installed over sub-flooring and installation is a bigger job than most homeowners can handle, and labour costs vary.

Water damages

Wood is vulnerable to water damage. However, discolouration and high margins can be caused if you fail to dry water immediately.  All of these water damage consequences lead to early replacement. If water spills it can only be cleaned by vacuuming.


All the pros and cons of the wooden floors have been placed in front of you. Before deciding about your floors consult a professional, evaluate pricing and consider all the available options. 

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